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MEGAHAWK DUANE II Some bitchin' vaseline-glazed sleazegrinder. Songs are massive and visceral. Makes me think of angels fistfucking and glitter shooting out. Favorite track: I Will Be He.
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"Curran Reynolds is a fucking creep... Hermetically perverted, [Body Stuff] exists in a sick reality all its own, one in which Prurient's Dominick Fernow has been committing industrial espionage for a syphilitic Michael Gira... There's an analytical passion to the songs, like Killing Joke scoring a David Cronenberg flick."

"Unlike so much metal where lyrics take a back seat or are unintelligible, Reynolds’s lyrics are a focal point and tell snippets of stories in a hundred words or less that are as haunting as they are evocative — listen to them and tell me these are the thoughts of a sane person. Add to that an otherworldly blend of drone, metal, post-rock, and more that endlessly loops, rises, and falls over a metronomic beat, and we’re looking at something glorious."

"NYC musician Curran Reynolds is known for many things: being drummer of noisecore act Today Is The Day and eclectic metallers Wetnurse, as well as a publicist and founder of the now defunct, but nevertheless influential, Precious Metal concert series. [Body Stuff] is a departure from his other bands, unexpectedly sounding more like a mix of industrial, alternative rock and experimental drone... Body Stuff is an extremely personal ode to NYC, with haunting yet alluring, deep vocals - a cross between Justin Broadrick and Michael Gira... A stunning debut, Body Stuff is simple and pure, showcasing immense attention to detail..."

"An urgent and uncomfortable record, it straddles the line between exploratory sludge, experimental noise, and even a weird bit of pop, like someone stuck Faith No More, Joy Division and Torche into a Magic Bullet... Reynolds' vocals, an authoritative and clear warble, often seems like the most solid thing in Body Stuff's musical landscape. Somewhere between heat haze and full-on hallucination, Body Stuff is a great record for when the edges of your world start melting."


All music and lyrics by Curran Reynolds

Vocals performed by Curran Reynolds

Instruments performed by Ryan Jones 

Recorded and mixed by Ryan Jones at Sound City, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves, Queens, NY

Guitar on "Street Walker" by Greg Kramer
Sax on "Year-Ends" by Matt McAuley

Artwork by Mike Wohlberg and Curran Reynolds



released July 23, 2013


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Body Stuff New York, New York

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Track Name: Street Walker
Man on the street
Mortal enemy
I'm on your side

Girl, we haven't met but I get your reference

There's a movie in this
It will end in a kiss or a kill

Mortal enemies
I'm on your side.
Track Name: Wanted Man
I've been accused of peering in windows all over town
I've been accused of peering in windows all over town

But that wasn't it at all
I was trying to tell them something.
Track Name: Year-Ends
Fear the old fear
Those tears are years away
Or just one photograph

Behind a pane of glass
And who knows how thick
I bet it could crack
With the weight of any dumb bird

Fear the old fear
Cheer the new peers
They'll never know
The way we were

Happiness is a haircut away
And horror hangs even closer.
Track Name: I Will Be He
She had a plan and it wasn't me
But I love that man
One day I will be he

Nothing but time
Nothing is mine
It's all circles, man
No lines

Nowhere to hide
Permanent light
Did you see the sky tonight?

Nowhere to hide
That's alright
Did you see the sky tonight?
Track Name: New York Story
High heels in the hall
We've lived so long but not at all
Endless summer til the fall
Endless summer til the fall

High heels in the hall
We've lived so long but not at all
Endless summer til the fall